About Us

Bridge Property Solutions, LLC


Life often brings a number of obstacles that disrupt the our original plans.   

Bridge Property Solutions, LLC was formed for that very reason. 

We are here to help you develop a plan to go down a new path.

Nick Johnson


Nick is the founder of Bridge Property Solutions, LLC.  He is ready to help YOU solve your property problems.  

He will assist you in developing a plan of action to achieve success.

He works to make win-win situations out of the most challenging issues.

Sherry Johnson


They say behind every successful business (and man) is a woman.  Well, that is Sherry!  

She is instrumental in the daily operations of Bridge Property Solutions, LLC.  You can be certain that all the "i"s have a dot and the "t"s are crossed thanks to her.  

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Job transfer, bankruptcy, inherited property, divorce, behind on payments, bad tenants, or even just tired of the property are some things we deal with.  Contact us to discover how we make win-win situations for real estate issues.